Tuesday, March 30, 2010

and just like that....

...everything seems to change!
sometimes change is good, sometimes people can't accept it. But really, I think it means enough to me to fight for it.

\Also, the grad school application process is going slightly less painlessly. I feel almost 1/3 done with it all. I'm just a bit scared, but that's inevitable.

I had a wonderful passover & am spending easter weekend in the dentist's chair [and most likely also the interrogation chair...]

wish me luck...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


...make the world a better place!
I'm a lucky girl.
I plan on enjoying this gorgeous spring day by taking a walk into town. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

~back from spring break

as I return from Spring Break I realize:
1. drawing with pastels is one of my new ambitions
2. my body does not like being on antibiotics
3. boxing is a fabulous release of tension & anger
4. poems do not always 'write themselves'
5. sleeping late is underrated
6. mark downs are a great excuse to buy shoes I do not need
7. dogs are [usually] more fun when they are not yours to take care of
8. old people pick out lame desserts
9. bus rides are super uncomfortable to begin with and even more so when valley girls drone out your music from intrusive plastic "ear buds"
10. graduate school is not half as scary as I anticipated...I'm relieved to no longer cower under it's looming shadow after starting the application process!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


"I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it."

-Alice Walker

[I'm feeling pretty crummy do to this cold I'm battling at the moment and the fact that I don't have any hot water in my dorm but Alice Walker's beauty and insight usually cheers me up.]

Monday, March 8, 2010

razor-sharp rants

as the blood from my open cut sprays off of the razor and onto the cold white tiles
I can't help but be particularly annoyed.
it only got worse as I saw he wasn't at the gym like he said he would be.

I am ending this night on a particularly rant ridden note:
My head is strangely energized and enraged. take ten minutes of quickie shaving, an hour of fitness, a pint of cold milk, & an hour long phone conversation with a dear old friend.

I can't help but wonder:
1) Why does a guy have to be tell you where and when he'll be (ie: gym, monday night, 10-11) instead of just asking for your number?
And then he doesn't even flippin' show up!
2) Why do girls have to shave so many more places than men? Why? I have sensitive skin. It's dry due to this scale inducing winter. Ouch. When guys have 5'oclock I don't even complain because I LIKE IT! Why is this? I don't understand. The one place guys are expected to shave and they are more attractive to me when they get a little lazy with it. Bizarre.
3) Why am I always told to wait two days to call a guy and play hard to get? Everyone likes the chase, I'm told, keep the chase going.
4) I'm kind of wondering if slam poetry is ruining true poetry. The slam poetry I heard last weekend sounded way too centered around shock value rather than the beautiful and rhythm of the words. More curses should not equal more clapping (or snapping, as it happens).
5) Midterms are kicking my ass. Even though I'm prepared, I get so damned nervous. I hate anxiety.

Good news?
-Spring Break starts Friday.
--> Spring Break means yoga
--->It means family
---->It means good food, good laughs, good sleeps,
----->Warm showers with hard water & soft beds
...A week away from feeling a stranger in my own suite (on campus).

I raise this glass of milk to you as a toast:
& drink to optimism

Sunday, March 7, 2010


...but now it's filled with evil clowns


[unfortunately, my new blog has become infected with a bullshit trojan virus from a giving-to-charity type of sidebar that I was led to through google. I guess it just shows you that online stuff like that is almost always fake. blogger beware. moving past the evil clowns, I'm starting completely fresh.]